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Welcome to 2022 and the Bijou Body Blog…A platform to chat about all things Body Care.

Thank you for stopping by… Let's start by re-introducing myself with a little background and how my work became my passion.

First and foremost… I am a wife, mother of 3 and the CEO of Bijou Body Spa in Chicago.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts Degree, a Nursing License and am a Certified Manual Lymphatic Therapist.

Being in the medical industry for 20 years has led me to combine my bedside manner, love of helping others, medicinal experience and passion for the beauty industry to open my very own Non-invasive Health Body Spa in 2018!

I believe knowledge is power, so I hold memberships with the following organizations to help keep me educated on the latest technologies and to better serve and educate my clients: National MedSpa Association (NMSA), American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) and The Beverly Hills 95th Street Business Association of Chicago.

This journey has also allowed me to educate and mentor other technicians in the “Art of Bodysculpting” by offering courses in these non-invasive modalities.

Let's get to the real reason you stopped by…Bijou Body Blog!

In this first blog I wanted to guide you on how to properly perform Post-Op Care. During the winter season is when I see a rise of appointments in my schedule. People are using all of their vacation time, or if they are lucky they get the last two weeks of December off work, OR they seem to make more time for themselves. You know how it goes, you go holiday shopping and come back with bags full of “This will look great on…ME!”

I can't be the only one, LOL!

Proper Post-Op care is critical to your healing process. No two cases are the same, so one must follow doctor's orders above all. Here are a few suggestions that I believe will help you in your post surgery process to recover as best you can:

ASK ALL THE NECESSARY QUESTIONS: After surgery you may go home a little foggy with a print out of what you can and cannot do. There should also be a phone number to call should you have questions or concerns. Please remember that you should ask all the pertinent questions prior to having surgery so that you are clear on what is normal versus what is abnormal. Make a list of questions and bring it to your pre-op appointment to go over with your doctor. Read the post-op sheet completely and inform yourself of what the healing process consists of.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER: After surgery the immune system is extremely compromised as this increases the chances of infection. By consuming adequate amounts of water, it allows your kidneys to remove waste materials (toxins from the anesthesia). Water will also help relieve constipation that often occurs as a result of taking pain medication.

MOVE AROUND: I know…counter intuitive right? Not at all! Don't go running a marathon, but walking around slowly and for short stints will help speed up recovery. Walk as much as you are able to or as much as your doctor advises. This helps with bowel movements as well as getting blood circulation moving to help with swelling and lymphatic fluid flow.

HAVE PEOPLE ON CALL: I know you don't want anyone to know about your nip and tuck but someone should be available to you should you need their help. For example: My client Diane scheduled her recovery to take place at the hotel the doctor's office suggested. She had the nurse stay that first night but had extended her stay with the hotel for a long weekend. Her friends took turns to come by to be her “nurse” and they would sleep over. While she would sleep/rest during the day (that happens a lot after surgery) her friend “nurse” would take advantage of the spa and other amenities the hotel had to offer. A win win for everyone! Being away from home also helps you relax and does not allow you to think/look at the million things you could be doing. Why are we like this?!!! LOL

HEALTHY DIET: One of the things that absolutely boggles my mind is how people forget to take care of their eating habits after having major surgery. Remember we are healing and will need all good nutrients. Plus, you just spent a pretty penny to get to your body goals. Let's not ruin that with Mickey D’s or a gallon of ice cream because you are feeling that body that is staring back at you in that mirror. Surgery is not a miracle worker, you will gain weight if you are not eating properly. All in moderation I say!

LET'S HAVE A CONSULT: Consultations are a must! I can not stress that enough. Again, all bodies are not created equal and everyone's body responds differently. For the post-op clients in Chicago, I ask that you consult with your doctor first before we start our sessions. After surgery, we typically start with manual lymphatic drainage techniques. This helps with swelling, fluid retention, bruising and the formation of fibrosis. There are large percentages of women having plastic surgery in other countries and will come back home with bandages, open incisions, drains, etc; and nowhere to go to have them removed and/or inspected. Being a licensed nurse I have the experience and know how of all things post-op care. I've been known to dress a wound and remove a drain or two. Shhhhh…dont tell EVERYBODY! LOL

We have 15 min consultation appointments available. In person or a FaceTime call. In person is always better, 15 min for $25 - FaceTime is free. I will go over your lifestyle, eating habits, medications, water intake, overall health, and everything that affects your health and weight, so that you will get the best outcome. Get ready to get personal! After gathering all your answers, I present the perfect catered non-invasive package just for your needs. Let’s get this body snatched in 2022!

For more information or to set up your consultation please call 708.515.3223

See you in the New Year...LaTrina


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